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Integrate direcpay in website Times of money

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How to integrate direcpay in our website What is directpay? Direcpay is the online payment gateway for indian merchants. It is one of the first Indian payment solutions providing a credit card payment gateway integrated with debit cards, Net Banking & mobile payments. Ok, Lets see directly integration of direcpay. Step 1: Download required file […]

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Exclude recurrent day in jQuery datepicker

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Here i would like to share how to exclude recurrent day from jQuery UI datepicker, Because in some case of web application like online booking, forms are having datepickers, mostly jquery ui datepicker.Here we need to do some manipulation for customizing date picker, Especially exclude recurrent day from datepicker. We have already seen that how […]

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Wp ecommerce plugin not working product drag and drop reorder

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The most cool thing of wordpress is custom post type. Now most of the plugins are using wordpress custom post type because of its flexibility. Post types Order plugin give us the future to reorder the posts by just drag and drop. This plugin also supports custom post type.But wp ecommerce plugin also use the […]

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Free Online code beautifiers / validators

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Best 6 very useful code beautifiers has been listed. JSONLint, JS beautifier, CSS beautifier, YAML Beautifier and MYSQL Query Beautifier.

Codings are mess while it’s not formatted or beautified for Reading, Debugging and Writing. Online code beautifier tools makes developers life very easy. I have listed few of most usefull code beautifier.

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