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action login index does not exist symfony

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Symfony has a plugin called sfGuardDoctrine for user authentication and login system. Using this plugin we are able to create secure pages. While I try to configure sfGuardDoctrine plugin according to instruction, I got the following error Action “login/index” does not exist. I spend a lot of time on it to resolve the issue, Finally I found the […]

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Not matching the Collaborator error on virtuemart direcpay integration

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While i am integrating direcpay on virtuemart i got the “Not matching the Collaborator” error. So here we are going to see how to resolve the Collaborator-id mismatching issue. What is Collaborator id Collaborator: It is a mandatory field and merchant should use TOML (case sensitive) for integrating on DirecPay staging (testing) environment and DirecPay […]

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Magento get product URL by id

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Here, i am going to post simple Magento tweak. That is how to get the product URL by product id. Sometimes we only have the product id, That’s enough to get all the product instance.So using below code we can get the product url by id. $my_product = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->load($product_id); $my_product_url = $my_product->getProductUrl(); Hope it helps […]

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