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How to install DoctrineMigrationsBundle using composer in symfony 2.1.4

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I want to install DoctrineMigrationsBundle in my project, but I couldn’t find any documentation to install the bundle using composer.json. I spend few hours to find the way of installation. So Let’s see how to do that. DoctrineMigrationsBundle offers well and safe way to deploy new versions of your database schema. Find the corresponding documentation […]

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Magento custom search engine friendly (SEF) URL.

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Magento providing us to create search engine friendly (SEF) URL’s from admin->catalog->URl Rewrite Manager. This awesome feature in Magento admin to create SEO friendly URL’s. We create SEF URL manually, Manually sounds stupid for 1000 URL’s. So while creating front-end modules we need to take a notice at SEF URL using programming coding. So Let’s […]

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