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Expedia API is used to search the hotels and get information of hotel by Geo location. While we get the information of hotel from API response, we will get the hotel thumbnail image without base URL. So we may confuse how to get the thumbnail image of the hotel. So here we see how to get the image.

Expedia API is also known as EAN API. To Integrate the basic EAN API there is an open source project in Github named ean-class. So we can download and use this class.

Sample response from Expedia API to get the list of hotels

[highRate] => 461.16
[lowRate] => 129.12
[rateCurrencyCode] => USD
[latitude] => 12.99422
[longitude] => 80.18607
[proximityDistance] => 7.2557683
[proximityUnit] => MI
[hotelInDestination] => true
[thumbNailUrl] => /hotels/1000000/10000/9000/8950/8950_52_t.jpg

Thumbnail don’t have any base URL in response. So we need to append the base URL to get the thumbnail image of the hotel.

Base URL : http://images.travelnow.com

I believe this helps someone!

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