A Look at Cutting Edge Features Of WordPress For Building Mobile App


WordPress has amazingly emerged as a fabulous web development platform with versatile features and blissful functionalities that makes it a much sought after choice not only for developers, but also for individuals. Initially, it was intended as a simple blogging tool, which is eventually transformed into an advanced tool that can proficiently cater to the modern needs. The credit goes to the highly salable and flexible nature of this open source Content Management System.

wordpress app

Today, there are a whopping number of users who are reaping the benefits of this platform by running a WordPress-powered website. It is not only pleasing the bloggers’ community by offering them a high end platform where they can share their blogs with a flair, but also the myriads of businesses by allowing them to create and manage their web presence with a breeze.

Do you want to add a functionality to your website? There is a huge list of incredible plugins to choose from. Do you want to create an aesthetic visual appeal? Explore various themes available in the WP repository. The best part is that you can personalize the look and feel of your site by customizing plugins and themes in a requisite fashion.

The WordPress platform delivers a truly remarkable performance and is great for any niche business. While it offers a slew of plugins and themes that can turn a WP site into a responsive site, you can easily target your mobile audience. This is not it. This amazing CMS also enables one to create a prolific mobile application from his existing WP website.

In this post, I will unleash some incredibly useful features of WordPress that make it a fantastic tool for developing mobile apps from a website. It offers a brilliant way to rapidly develop a mobile application in a cost-effective way. Yes! You can efficiently create an app to buttress your mobile presence and eventually, leverage your business value by simply using a suitable WP plugin, MySQL, web hosting service.

Let’s delve deep into the mobile app development process via WordPress and observe how it scrutinizes the process and makes it pretty simple and effective.

1. Buttress app’s back-end with its well-structured database.

WordPress is popular for efficiently handling the data. This powerful feature of the platform helps support the data storage and retrieval process with a breeze.

Unlike any other CMS, WordPress allows one to proficiently integrate the website database as the application’s database. This is possible as WP encompasses a well-structured database with appropriate tables that can be used to support the back-end an application.

WP stores website data in the form of posts and pages, these posts and pages can be used for storing various content types. This feature is also used by several plugins, including WooCommerce plugin that allows one to run an eCommerce website conveniently on a WP site.

  • Database development

The custom post types facilitate WP to integrate with the requisite plugins and implements several other frameworks and tools to efficiently handle the database capabilities and front-end features. You can choose a desired one that best suits your project.

  • Content Creation

The flexible Admin section and powerful dashboard of WP makes it absolutely simple for one to personalize the content in a desired fashion. It also offers front-end forms like Gravity, Ninja, etc., that streamlines the app development process by updating the database.

2. Ensures seamless interaction between app and website with API.

An Application Protocol Interface (API) facilitates a smooth communication between an application and website. WordPress offers an API that allows your app to stay synchronized with your site and delivers an outstanding performance. An update on the site is reflected in the app as well. For instance, it will enable your audience to read every new post published on your site via the app.

3.Bolsters application release with a powerful hosting

In order to release an application publicly in the market, it needs a hosting service. WP offers a plethora of options to choose from to ensure a reliable and superlative app hosting. It makes it highly scalable, easy to deploy and feature-rich.

Let’s Wrap Up

In this mobile age, it has become more than imperative to boast a mobile-optimized solution. While WordPress offers responsive web designs, it also helps develop mobile application with a great ease and precision.

Although the front-end of an app not supported by WordPress, there are several amazing UI frameworks like AngularJS, Backbone, etc., which can be used for creating an impressive and intuitive app design. Therefore, you can easily create an enticing application by using the WordPress platform and a UI framework that best caters to your project needs. WP offers exceptional back-end support and greater control over the content, and thus, is most preferred by businesses for embracing a valuable mobile presence.