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Symfony has a plugin called sfGuardDoctrine for user authentication and login system. Using this plugin we are able to create secure pages. While I try to configure sfGuardDoctrine plugin according to instruction, I got the following error Action “login/index” does not exist. I spend a lot of time on it to resolve the issue, Finally I found the mistake that i made and i would like to share it with you.

Problem was with my “routing.yml file”. According to the instructions I just added the code as below in routing.yml file.

 url: /login
 param: { module: sfGuardAuth, action: signin }
 url: /logout
 param: { module: sfGuardAuth, action: signout }
 url: /request_password
 param: { module: sfGuardAuth, action: password }

 But this code should be add before default routing rule.

# generic rules
# please, remove them by adding more specific rules
 url: /:module
 param: { action: index }
 url: /:module/:action/*

Hope this help if some one looking for same issue.


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