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I am professional web developer with 8+ years experience. PHP, jQuery, WordPress, Angular and Ionic are my key skills in web development. I am working with strong enthusiastic team with spirit. We provide all web related solution like HTML/CSS development, Web graphic design and Logo.

IFrame Buster killer

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Iframe uster

IFrames are very common and old technique to display the website content into other website. It’s globally accepted and used all over the web. While it’s famous, people also start thinking to secure their content. So website holders adding Iframe buster to stop access the site throw Iframe. What is IFrame Busting. IFrame Busting is […]

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php array for TLD list

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I created the php array for TLD(Top Level Domain) list for country. The array will have country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) as key and TLD as value. I belive it will be useful to someone that they want TLD in PHP array format. Please find the below free download link. Download php array for TLD

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upgrade mysql workbench latest version on ubuntu

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upgrade mysql workbench

Upgrade MySQL workbench on Ubuntu 12.04 was hard job to me because of conflicting with older version of MySQL workbench. I installed MySQL workbench 5.2.38 previously using “sudo apt-get install mysql-workbench” this command. But this version has many hanging and crashing issues with Ubuntu 12.04. So I decide to update the latest version of MySQL […]

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gepg payment integration in php

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GePG is the Government of India e-Payment Gateway for government department. I thought GePG can integrate in the website as other payment service do. I try to find the integration all over the web, but I was failed. So I write a letter to Technical director about my concern integrating GePG in PHP website. I amused about Indian government payment gateway GePG. […]

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How to install DoctrineMigrationsBundle using composer in symfony 2.1.4

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I want to install DoctrineMigrationsBundle in my project, but I couldn’t find any documentation to install the bundle using composer.json. I spend few hours to find the way of installation. So Let’s see how to do that. DoctrineMigrationsBundle offers well and safe way to deploy new versions of your database schema. Find the corresponding documentation […]

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