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GePG is the Government of India e-Payment Gateway for government department. I thought GePG can integrate in the website as other payment service do. I try to find the integration all over the web, but I was failed. So I write a letter to Technical director about my concern integrating GePG in PHP website.

I amused about Indian government payment gateway GePG. But I don’t get any help to integration in website. Is Government e-Payment Gateway allows users to integrate in website. Can you guide me for the documentation. GePG website is not really helping.

Technical director answered my question as below,

The Govt e-payment Gateway (GePG) is a closed user site only for DDOs, PAOs, PrAOs and accredited Banks. It is not available in the public domain. If you need any documentation or any information about GePG, kindly contact the Office of the Controller General of Accounts, Deptt. of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India.

GePG payment integration in PHP on website is not possible. GePG is not for common people, it’s for specific government department. Hope this information may help people who searching the same as like me.

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