Install symfony yaml export plugin MySQL workbench Ubuntu 12.04


We are going to see, How to install yaml export plugin in MySQL workbench for Symfony project. Symfony generates database and tables from schema.yml file using Doctrain or propel. Creating yml schema by hand is little pain. Mysql workbench is offers a tool to design, develop, administrate MySQL database. MySQL Workbench providing many plugins to add features to the software. SymfonyYamlMyqlWorkbenchPlugin is the one of the MySQL workbench plugin, this offers the feature to export database schema in yml format.I going to explain installation of plugin in Ubuntu environment.

Install symfony yaml export plugin mysql workbench ubuntu

How to install MySQL workbench Ubuntu 12.04

If you are not already install the MySQL workbench, use following command in your terminal (Ctrl +Alt + T) and install.

sudo apt-get install mysql-workbench

How to install SymfonyYamlMyqlWorkbenchPlugin plugin

First download the SymfonyYamlMyqlWorkbenchPlugin plugin from here and extract SymfonyYmlExport.grt.lua file in your desktop. Then we need to move this file into workbench/modules/ folder. so use the below command.

cd /home/USER/Desktop/
sudo cp SymfonyYmlExport.grt.lua /home/USER/.mysql/workbench/modules/

Replace USER with your user name of system. Thats all you did, restart your system and open the mysql workbench. You can see the plugin options
in plugins -> catalogs -> Export Symfony Yml file.

yaml export menu

Now enjoy the benefit of yml export plugin.Hope this helps someone.