Micromax 3g datacard MMX377G Installation in ubuntu


Micromax 3g datacard MMX377G is released with three important operating system (Windows / Mac / Ubuntu) support. This Modem is coming with good and handy user guide. It has information about installation for all three different operating system. I like describe few picks of the Ubuntu installation from user guide.

Micromax dongle is coming with installation packages as inbuilt. We just need to install the package using following steps.

1. Pre-check before install the software

Insert the SIM card into the 3g dongle and plug the device into your computer or laptop USB Port.

Now check the plugged device using following command. Open your terminal (ctrl+T) and enter this command.

>ls /dev/sr*

Above command must be return the all devices the SCSI-CDROM’s that mounted on your machine. You may get the below result in your terminal


micromax installation

If you have more than one device connected you may see like below. To confirm which one is correct device that linked with your dongle. We need to unplug and execute the same command and see which device is disappeared from previous list. Then re plug and execute the command, now you can see that device back. Your current device maybe linked with /dev/sr1 or /dev/sr2 or anything else.

/dev/sr0 /dev/sr1 /dev/sr3

There is another case also, when you run ls /dev/sr* comand you may receive the following result. If you get this message, the software is already installed. We will see unintallation step at last. If you are not getting this message no problem go with step 2.

ls: cannot access /dev/sr*: No such file or directory

2. Mount the device.

Navigate to users Home directory in your terminal and enter the following command to mound the device.

>sudo mount /dev/sr0 /mnt

It will prompt the password, after entering the password you should receive following message

mount: block device /dev/sr0 is write protected, mounting read-only.

Now you can check the result of mount by executing below command

>cd /mnt

Now you will see all the installation packages of the device. We can notice see the two different package for 32-bit and 64-bit machine. We need to install the package according to that.


32-bit = 3g_modem_connect_D301_MMX_i3386.deb
64-bit = 3g_modem_connect_D301_MMX_amd64.deb


3. Installation, Lets consider for 64-bit, enter the following command.

> sudo dpkg -i 3g_modem_connect_D301_MMX_amd64.deb

When Installation finished. Unplug your Micromax 3g Datacard from your computer and re plug. Now it will connect to internet automatically, if device lock and Pincode is disabled.


4. We can check the COM port using this command.

>ls /dev/tty*

Now you can notice at the end of list with following


4. Connect to the Internet.

>sudo 3g_connect.sh ttyUSB0

When you enter this command, you will be getting connection progress, finally you will receive “pppd is connected” message.

Note : If your device lock is enabled, it will ask device code. so we need to enter the device code for further process. Default device code is “1234”. Note : If your device lock is enabled, it will ask device code. so we need to enter the device code for further process. Default device code is “1234”.

now check your internet connection

>ping www.google.com

5. Disconnect from internet

>killall pppd

Use this command to terminate the internet connection.

Uninstall Micromax 3g datacard software

To uninstall the previous installation enter the following.

>sudo dpkg -r 3g_modem_connect_D301_MMX_amd64.deb

Hope this post will be very helpful when you lost your guide book or away from it. Happy browsing using Micromax 3g datacard MMX377G.


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17 thoughts on “Micromax 3g datacard MMX377G Installation in ubuntu

  1. Nemi Chandra

    Hi Gowri
    I have already installed a D-Link data card driver on laptop having Ubuntu 12.04 OS. Now I want to install another data card which is of micromax .How can I do it while keeping previous installation as it is?I do not want to remove d-link data card driver.Is it possible to keep both simultaneously ? If yes then how?

    Nemi Chandra

    1. Gowri Post author

      Hi Nemi,

      As I know Micromax 3g datacard using pppd to connect the internet. PPPD can have mutiple connections. I am not sure with D-link. What you can suggest, try the manuall or above post steps to get connected with Micromax datacard. If everything went good unplug the card and use D-link. I don’t think you need to uninstall the D-link.

  2. Darwin

    Hi Gowri,
    I am using mmx377g, My network is not registered manually it gets connected automatically what shall i do to register the network manually. Kindly advice.

    1. Gowri Post author

      Hi Darwin,

      I am not sure what you mean by Manually registering network!
      Are you running this comment?
      sudo 3g_connect.sh ttyUSB0
      When you run the above comment, It will check the 3G connection is availble or enabled in your network. If you have not yet enbled the 3G it won’t register the network.

      If you have the 3G supporting mobile phone. Please first the put your sim in it and activate 3G. Then you use in your data card. Hope it will help.

      There is also option availble for 2G connection, but I never tried.

  3. Venkat

    Can you please explain how to use 2g? I have connected in 3g mode already but i need to use 2g

  4. Kanak

    i tried your method to install mmx driver on ubuntu. but i could not understand what do you mean by mounting. and navigate to users home directory. when I typed this command :
    sudo mount /dev/sr0 /mnt
    it showed no media found to mount. suggest me soon. you can also mail me at thatswhykanak@gmail.com

  5. Ujjwal

    Well, I never unplug my dongle. So, when I run this code ” ls /dev/tty* ” after every boot, I don’t find the four line in the end. When i unplug and plug the dongle again, and run the code again, then the four lines appear.
    Is there anyway I don’t need to unplug and plug the dongle every time I boot?

    Or is there anyway i can get connected to the internet automatically every time i log in ?

    1. Gowri Post author

      You no need to run the command everytime to connect. It’s all for first time to install/mount the device. Once you done that, you just need to run the below command to connect with internet.

      sudo 3g_connect.sh ttyUSB0

  6. anupam

    I’m us ding mmx335g and I can’t find any .dev files. Is there any solution for this ? Can I find the required files anywhere ?

  7. Anil Sharma

    1. Will the Micromax dongle 377g work on the latest Ubuntu 14.04 also? On the packet it is written that it supports some older version. Will the procedure you suggested work on 14.04. Will buy it only if it works.
    2. Is it not possible to connect it through Network Connections as Mobile Broadband.
    3. I have been connecting my Nokia C2.01 through data cable. Its very easy but the mobile’s USB socket has broken taking with it the circuit plate. Tried BT but they dont pair although they recognise each other. Probably requires installation of some packages through terminal, but cannot do that until there is net connection. Can you suggest some alternative?
    Please help.

  8. vivek

    means you are not “superuser” like administrator in windows. type
    sudo ls /dev/sr*
    then terminal ask you password, type password.

  9. bala

    Thank you. MMX377g worked in Ubuntu.

    Any step to create desktop short link. So that home user can connect internet, without run script.


    1. Gowri Post author

      @venkat, have you tried using this comment sudo 3g_connect.sh ttyUSB0 to connect 2g in the ubuntu termnial. I have not tried. But I noticed there was the .sh file for 2g connection too. So please try yourself. good luck

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