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Wp Subscribe Author plugin is help subscriber to follow his/her favourite author. Once subscriber starts follow the author, he will get notified all new post of author by email.

Plugin Usage:-

Add the below code in your template files

if(function_exists('get_subcribe_link')){ get_subcribe_link();    }


  • 1.0 (current)


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10 thoughts on “Wp Subscribe Author

  1. Rui Gomes


    Does this plugin works with 3.4.2?

    I´ve installed and nothing happens when i click on subscribe.


      1. Rui Gomes


        Thank you for the prompt reply.

        Yes, i´ve tested as admin and contributor and still does not work. On the plugin activation it didn´t create the mysql db. But, just for test and run the mysql script on phpmyadmin, and now the db exists.

        The problem remains the same.

        1. Gowri Post author

          @Gomes: I tried on fresh WordPress(3.5) Installation, Everything works fine. Database table created fine, author subscribe functionality is working fine. I am not sure what was your problem.
          Subscribe functionality works in jquery ajax. Probably you may have JavaScript error, So please check your console and make sure js errors not occurring and breaking ajax call.

          1. Gowri Post author

            So You may have jquery conflict issue with other js library. check your page source js files should loaded in following order


            Confirm you don’t have duplicate jquery files loaded. Your document should have only one jquery. check all js files loaded properly.

    1. Gowri Post author

      Thanks for the feedback, Right now plugin don’t have any direct method do that. But I will add that in near feature and update you soon.

  2. Andrew Kurtis

    Hi Gowri,

    I’m Andrew from WebHostingHub. We are doing Spanish translations of useful plugins in order to ease the people from Hispanic community and we consider that your Wp Subcribe Author plugin that we found at http://code-cocktail.in/portfolio/wp-subscribe-author/ is very interesting.
    Would it be ok with you, if I translate it into Spanish? You can answer me directly on my email.

    I hope I’ll hear from you soon.

    Kind regards

    Andrew Kurtis


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