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css single day calender widget

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We are going to see a short tutorial to create the single day calendar widget using css. It very simple widget with using few lines of css and html code. Lets see how to create that. HTML <div class=”cal”> <span>03</span> <span>Oct</span> </div> CSS div.cal { height: 70px; width: 70px; border-right: 5px solid #fff; border-bottom: 5px […]

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Free Online code beautifiers / validators

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Best 6 very useful code beautifiers has been listed. JSONLint, JS beautifier, CSS beautifier, YAML Beautifier and MYSQL Query Beautifier.

Codings are mess while it’s not formatted or beautified for Reading, Debugging and Writing. Online code beautifier tools makes developers life very easy. I have listed few of most usefull code beautifier.

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