wordpress svn forbidden error

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When I was trying to commit the new wordpress plugin to wordpress svn repository. I was getting very strange errors. I was bit struggled to understand because I hosted many plugins in wordpress before.

wordpress svn forbidden error!

svn ci -m "add version 2.0"
svn: E195023: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: E195023: wordpress svn Changing directory 'var/www/*' is forbidden by the server
svn: E175013: Access to '/!svn/ver/*' forbidden

I was getting the error something above. Then I realized I trying to access another account with my login access. Because I was the contributor of the plugin not an owner. So now it’s easy to fix. just need to give new user name and password to commit.

svn commit --username=<YOURUSERNAME> -m "add version 2.0"

When we pass –username, it will prompt the password. so after giving correct credentials it will work clearly good.

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